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Thelexmachine's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 23, 1981
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Nerdworld, EST - US | State of Neurotic Irresponsibility
Last Broadcast:
17 hours, 3 minutes
English-progressive 1st world, un petit peu Français, body/nonverbal, gibberish, troll, one-handed type and autocorrect
Body Type:
body positive
Smoke / Drink:
Dig stoners. Not a fan of cigarettes or alcohol.
Body Decorations:
3 small tats I'd love covered, tiny gauged ears, rainbow hair
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

Have cam will travel.
Not into straight anything, but you're welcome to watch.

I will fuck you if you are queer and excited to fuck me on cam.

I'm not interested in having sex that isn't filmed at the moment, so for the first time in my slutty life, I need help getting laid.

Wish List:

For you to follow me if you like anything you see here.

PRETTY PLEASE for the love of all that is buttholy, help me make some summer memories to survive the winter. and help me keep that thumbs up score over 100%

We got really close to 50k followers within my first year. <3 you all so much. We're still dying the bush when we get there.

Aiming for a small studio space with high ceilings and fast net access, on a private island with nothing but libraries full of comics. Or a van down by the river. Until then...

1001 tk single tip
HIGHEST TIP in 2016: 1000
10,000 tk single tip
MOST TIPS overall from a single tipper: 9591
And keeping my 25tk thumbs up score over 300 would be a record.

Help me buy boring essentials with ANY gift cards to lexpletive gmail

or spoil me with level ups

I love to travel as much as possible to be with my partners all over the world now, and occasionally new friends.
Donate to my travel fund to make even one of these things happen.
Invite me somewhere I couldn't otherwise go.
I AM TRYING TO VISIT A PARTNER IN FRANCE, it would be nice to get to LONDON or AMSTERDAM also while I'm there. If you want to see it happen, help me out. Aiming for Oct/Nov at this rate.
Possibly COLORADO before summer is out EMAIL me if you want to book photo/video/cam time with me, or to help extend my stay.

Photographers, videographers, MUAs, illustrators, queer broadcasters, I wanna have your art babies! Let's make stuff.

Calling all queer cammers! to join this subreddit to create a promotion and support community for us, since I couldn't fucking find one, and as a pansexual subscribing to like 15 different subs just to find some decent fap material gets old. I doubt I'm the only one.
If it get's out of hand, it'll just become private, but until then, let's share some queer cams and bitch about cb always being down. If I'm the only one posting, it's just looks like self-promo, a nerd out.

If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!
However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget! I try, like a good faptender, to cut y'all off when you get crazy. Making your situation worse does not make mine better. Give only if and when you can actually afford to. I'll be here.


TIT pics, fan art, love/hate mail (please no Vogon poetry), job offers, and PP/GC donations

If you find ANY photos or videos of me elsewhere, please send a link and/or copy of the file to me at lexpletive gmail so I can share it here.

SIGN UP FREE to or to with us
PLEASE click that bate link to create an account if you're planning to broadcast/c2c here. I know I've introduced/inspired a number of performers and the little bit of help would REALLY help. It will NOT share your username with me.