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Based_one's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Mitchell ^_^
Birth Date:
Oct. 27, 1998
Interested In:
Crash Landed Here
Last Broadcast:
1 day, 14 hours
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About Me:

just looking to have fun and please. so enjoy the show. I really like talking to people and being positive! i dont like drama or just anything negative in general. you should be here to talk and take my CLOTHS off lol. im a line-cook (think of the movie, waiting) =P . I am currently single. im always horny.any questions just ask. im really open minded so if you want to see something just ask. im new to this so i just want people to talk to me and have fun,im most likely going to be streaming for 3+hours each stream so its helps. instagram basedone , im not bi or gay and i have no problem showing my ass off =P. lets just have fun.i grew up playing baseball and played baseball/basketball in highschool. mostly to stay out of trouble and meet girls. im from NewEngland so i LOVE going fishing , Im really into street bmx. I love riding my bike around to cool places and taking pictures. Also really into street art, graffiti/stencils. i'v been hustlng my whole life,Id really love to try and go to college for something to do with computers. but for right now im really just concentrated on working and streaming. That being said were all human so if i do something fucked up, dont hold it against me =).thanks for reading. If you want a private show email me
basedonelabs @ gmail . com to schedule one.


(Update 3/3/17) Been streaming for a month now and it has really been an awesome time. im happy everyone is enjoying the show, it has been a new experience and so far its been SUPER fun, =P thanks everyone YOUR AWESOME!!
5000 Followers!! in under two months. thank you all for loving my show!! i really try to please EVERYONE and it turns me on so much how horny i get you ALL. lets keep getting WILD ^_^!!
and while im straight dont be so quick to judge im still just exploring myself and finding what i like to do and what feels good. i love just putting on a good show and getting people horny ^_^. lets have fun togther
UPDATE Well WOW where to start...^_^ holy shit. this has been the best Time of my life haha. really has been so different and new. never honestly thought i would do anything like this or even be good at it or having people wanting to see more of me. im really just having so much FUN putting on an awesome show. I am fully aware im striping and dancing for mostly MEN and i have no problem at all with that. ^_^ .Im 100% real, i dont think im above or better than, anyone or anything. lifes to short for negativy . i want you to just beable to leave all your problems at my streams door and have an awesome time. i can get really wild sometimes. i really want to keep doing this and having fun, im having to pinch myself somtimes just because it feels to good to be true.I want to add that i dont JUDGE anyone, whoever you are <3,you think im sexy, i think your sexy, im here to make you horny and happy, and i know im straight but its SOO fun for me to act all cute and sexy and talk a little differnt and dirty sometimes. maybe this is my little secret ^_^ and no one knows. thank you to everyone that comes by and chills and supports me on a regular basis, it means the world to me that you enjoy my company and body. i love pleasing you and making you happy <3 i hope to keep meeting new and awesome people! also i LOVE my mods and fanclub members!! followers too =P

If anyone wants to help me make a custom profile or knows someone who does that would be awesome!!

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nothing on my wishlist is more than 30$